Which classes/functions on Java 1.7 are available/unavailable for Android development?


April 2019


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Starting with ADT 22.6 Android finally supports writing in Java 1.7 :

It doesn't support exactly everything there, but the documentation only tells about one thing that isn't there, which is "try-with-resources", that requires using minSdk>=19 .

The problem

I've found some classes that I can't find on Android, and wonder if there is any documentation about which classes/functions are supported or not.

As an example for a class that I can't find is java.nio.file.Files . I wonder if that's because it's related to native code (nio).

Maybe some has changed their names/packages.

The question

Is there any list of packages/classes/functions for things we have on Java 1.7 that can/can't be used on Android ?

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maybe this post explains at least the more important stuff in Java7 http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/09/java7-features.html

edit List of Classes/interfaces/enums that have been created or something has change in 1.7 http://marxsoftware.blogspot.com.es/2011/03/jdk-7-new-interfaces-classes-enums-and.html