Where is app pool located in visual studio?


February 2019


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I'm having trouble finding the app pool, I need to set my app pool to allow my crystal report to run properly. On my computer where I develop the application, it works properly but when I try to run the program on another computer it won't run, I've read similar articles about it here, but I can't finish the last part, where @Matt Palmerlee said that I need to set the application pool for it to work properly.

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You are not using IIS server because your project looks like for local machine only.

The location of app pool is in IIS server looks like the answer above which is you don't need it i guess.

If your project did not run from other PC:

  1. Install the version of crystal report like the version of your development side.
  2. Use 32-bit crystal report run time.

Hope it helps


You may need to carry out a bit more troubleshooting, but if you need to configure the application pool, here's how to get there:

Open IIS (Internet information services) normally by clicking the start button and typing IIS

Application pools are the second node. Find the pool your application is using and change the properties.

enter image description here

Advanced settings: enter image description here