What is my IP address in CIDR notation?


March 2019


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I'm trying to following the Quick Start Wordpress for Google App Engine guide; however, the Google Cloud Console appears to have changed slightly with respect to the instructions.

One of the instructions is to select Assign IP Address, and add your IP address to the list of Authorized IP Addressed. The link points to a Google search for "what's my IP address". However, the result does not look like it is in CIDR notation as required:

enter image description here

The IP address doesn't have a slash in it as in the CIDR example. Would it be OK just to enter the "public IP address" as it appears in Google search in the Network field?

I tried entering my public IP address, but it appears with the gray italic text "Not saved" (see below), which does not look promising.

enter image description here

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I used whois.geektools.com to look up the IP address you mentioned. If that's your actual IP address, then the IP range assigned to your ISP is:

inetnum: -
netname: ZIGGO-CM

If you convert those IP addresses into binary, then the first 18 bits are constant for that block of addresses, and the other 14 bits could vary, depending on how your ISP dishes them out to their customers.

So (your ISP's block of IP addresses, in CIDR notation) might be a more convenient choice than the value, corresponding to the single IP address currently assigned to you at the moment.


Just add '/32' to your ip... so it should be