Web Essentials settings error and its setting for LESS


April 2019


217 time


I have installed VS2013 installed on my computer. I also installed

Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC


Web Essentials 2013 for Update 2 RC

successfully. Now when I work on a website project, go to WEBESSENTIALS top menu, and select create solution settings, I get the following error message:

Path cannot be null.
Parameter name: path

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Also, I want use the LESS feature of web essentials. Can anybody tell me how?


2 answers


Right-click on the targeted project in your solution & "set as startup project."


You may need to add a solution to your project to create a Web Essentials solution settings file. If your project (Web Site) doesn't have a solution, I'm guessing there's no solution to apply settings to.

What I do is create a New Empty Project, then add a New Web Site... or Existing Web Site.. to the solution.

It seems in my experiences that when I use 'File > Open Website', it creates a temporary solution, but Web Essentials doesn't seem to use this for its solutions settings.