Upload multiple images to FTP server in iOS


April 2019


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I'm developing an application in swift 4. In it, I want to upload multiple images to FTP server. I have tried to do with https://github.com/Constantine-Fry/rebekka but could not build getting error saying Xcode 9 does not support building or migrating Swift 2.x targets.

Also tried with https://gist.github.com/Nirma/fb9991be776107d17fdcd6ed2aa02876 . But some of the APIs are deprecated. Apple sample project is in objective C. Can anybody please help me to go forward in this case?

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I've implemented FilesProvider library to abstract FTP/FTPS, WebDAV, Dropbox and OneDrive and providing a high level, FileManager like API to deal with these.

You can use FilesProvider library to deal with FTP. It doesn't use deprecated CFWriteStreamCreateWithFTPURL API and implements FTP protocol from scratch.

Please read Readme before using. You can see a sample implementation for iOS here.