Unable to click/ hover over on href button with Selenium


April 2019


69 time


I'm trying to click on a button wich is located in a sub-menus. Here is the code of the website:

Page and script

Button i want to click on

I tried many things like first hover and then click but i got error and i'm not able to click. Here is what i tried:

element1 = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[contains(text(), 'Devis')]")
element2 = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[contains(text(), 'Suivi devis')]")

hoverover = ActionChains(driver).move_to_element(element1).move_to_element(element2).click().perform()

So i want to hover over DEVIS and then clique on Suivi devis


I don't have to clik on DEVIS, i just have to hover over with the mouse to open the sub-menus where there is Suivi devis

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