Tensorflow Tensorboard on Windows shows a blank page


December 2018


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I'm using Tensorflow on Windows but when I try to launch Tensorboard opening http://localhost:6006 the browser shows a blank page

I have added the codeline writer = tf.train.SummaryWriter('mypath/my_graph', sess.graph)

to my Tensorflow model and launched tensorboard with tensorboard --logdir="mypath/my_graph"

Here the console output:

enter image description here

Following mrry suggestion I have updated to 0.12.0rc1 and now the Tensorboard page is shown but unfortunately I cannot see any graph, and is missing also the left panel to upload a graph file manually that I can see in some screenshots of the official guide.

enter image description here

Tried also to use

writer = tf.summary.FileWriter('mypath/my_graph', sess.graph)

following the deprecation hint


I have found the problem. If I launch tensorboard --logdir="mypath/my_graph" TensorBoard is unable to load the path and looks always for the graph files in the default user path C:\Users\andrew\mygraph\ if I run console as user or C:\Windows\System32 if I run console as administrator. This is a bug and should be fixed.

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0.12.0rc0(Release Candidate 0) выпуск TensorFlow на Windows , содержит неработающую версию TensorBoard. Недавно мы сделали новый релиз ( 0.12.0rc1кандидат Release 1) , который содержит исправления для TensorBoard на Windows. Вы можете обновить, следуя инструкции по установке последней версии на Windows , или просто набрав pip install --upgrade tensorflowв командной строке.


В убунту можно использовать:

tensorboard --logdir = / дом / пользователь / график /

В Windows , мы должны изменить командную строку в каталог , в котором файл граф помещается , а затем использовать:

tensorboard --logdir = \ дом \ пользователь \ графика \