Taking notes when programming? [closed]


February 2019


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I just got my first programming book, and I just started programming. I have a little question. Should I take notes while reading the book, or should I just memorize, and refer back if I forget something?


2 answers

  1. Never read from just 1 book, read multiple books on the subject to get a better picture.

    • for C read The C Programming Language, How To Program - C, C: A complete reference and then C a reference manual(by Harbison and Steele) touching on at least C99
  2. Take notes, keep a book handy at all times - think before you ink though.

  3. Always sit by a computer + text editor + compiler (yes, do not use an IDE - learn with manual compilation)

  4. Learn good debugging techniques, gdb is fine to start off with(although has a significant learning curve)

  5. Be attentive to what is being said in the books and - also do not forget to experiment all the time. Programming is best learnt by doing it/practicing it.


The best thing to do is to understand what is being said to you by the book, I've tried memorizing before.. it doesn't work I would suggest a bit of both, but mostly understanding it that way you would know what you are coding also practice your level of confidence of coding will increase and you'll continue to want to code more.