SMOTE in r reducing sample size significantly


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I have a data set with around 130000 records. The records divided in two class of target variable,0 & 1. 1 contains only 0.09% of total proportion.

I'm running my analysis in R-3.5.1 on Windows 10. I used SMOTE algorithm to work with this imbalanced data set.

I used following code to handle imbalanced data set

data_code$target=as.factor(data_code$target) #Converted to factor as 
# SMOTE works with factor data type
smoted_data <- SMOTE(target~., data_code, perc.over=100)

But after executing the code,I'm seeing the count for 0 is 212 & 1 is also 212 which is significant reduction of my sample size.Can you suggest me how do I handle this imbalanced data set with SMOTE without changing my data size

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