Schema changing DB - which method is better?


February 2019


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I am planning to develop a website which users can customize many items on, so considering three plans. Could you tell me which method is more common?

Let's assume we will make a web app for handling all processes of producing toothbrushes.

  "toothbrush set": {
    "toothbrush": {
      "head": ["dyeing", "assorting", "QA"],
      "handle": {
        "rubber" : ["melting", "cooling", "hook-up"],
        "plastic" : ["melting", "cooling"]
      "hook-up for head and handle" :["in progress", "completion"]
    "case": ["melting", "cooling", "hook-up"],
    "packing" : ["in progress", "completion"],
    "QA" : ["in progress", "completion"],
    "delivery" : ["in progress", "completion"]

1) Dynamically creating tables - we can allow users to create each table of the example above such as tooth brush table (parent) and toothbrush (child)... depending on their inputs.

2) Just use one table - this method is using a table. we just insert or update the json above into a row.

3) No sql such as mongo DB - but our base DB is Mysql. Is it ok to use both of them?

Producing toothbrushes is only a case. There can be many cases and I want to handle them all.

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