Running a python script from nodejs and returning json back


April 2019


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I am running a python script using python-shell. The python script(named returns data in json format. But the code works fine on my local machine but not on aws instance. I get the following error in pm2 logs:

SyntaxError: Unexpected token / in JSON at position 0

I have made sure that python script returns valid json data by first putting data in file and then checking that data via online json validator.

Nodejs (javascript file)

  var ps = require('python-shell')
  noOfLines = 2
  noOfClusters = 5
  var options = {
    mode: 'json',
    pythonOptions: ['-u'], // get print results in real-time
    scriptPath: './pythonScripts/',
    args: [noOfClusters, noOfLines, processingData]
  }'', options, function(err, results) {
    if (err) throw err
    // Results is an array consisting of messages collected during executio n

    // Data send to index_timeline
    res.render('index_timeline', {
      results: results[0]

    fs.writeFile('myOutput.txt', JSON.stringify(results, 0, 2), err => {
      // throws an error, you could also catch it here
      if (err) throw err

      // success case, the file was saved
      console.log('File saved!')

Python Script(

sentences = dataCleaning(content).split('.') 
sentences = list(filter(None, sentences))


#getting clusters
clusters = cluster_sentences(sentences, nclusters)

for cluster in range(nclusters):
    for i,sentence in enumerate(clusters[cluster]):
        summarizing+=sentences[sentence]+". "
    sentence_tokens, word_tokens = tokenize_content(summarizing)
    sentence_ranks = score_tokens(word_tokens, sentence_tokens)
    myDict["summary"]=str(summarize(sentence_ranks, sentence_tokens,noOfLines))
    del temp[:]


myOutput.txt(data that I wrote in txt file above)

    "clusters": [
        "sentences": [
          " Qoum & Maa Baap K Duaon Se Award Haasil Kiya",
          " Qoum & Maa Baap K Duaon Se Award Haasil Kiya",
          " Qoum & Maa Baap K Duaon Se Award Haasil Kiya"
        "summary": " Qoum & Maa Baap K Duaon Se Award Haasil Kiya. Qoum & Maa Baap K Duaon Se Award Haasil Kiya."
        "sentences": [
          " Mushtaq Ahmed",
          " Mushtaq Ahmed",
          " Mushtaq Ahmed NIJAMHAMY"
        "summary": " Mushtaq Ahmed. Mushtaq Ahmed NIJAMHAMY."

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