Redirect loop when logging in to appengine


December 2018


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(yes - cross-posted from the google-appengine google group...I can't tell if they answer support questions like this there or here or's all kind of a mess :) )

I am having a problem logging in to the appengine console using certain accounts on my google apps domain (but not others).

No matter what browser I use (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE), I get a "too many redirects" error on when I try to log in using a specific account. I have tried resetting all the browsers as well (clearing all cookies, cache, etc - even trying it on a clean install of an OS) - with no luck. Going directly to causes the same loop for those accounts. The same thing happens when running the browsers with privacy mode enabled.

One of the accounts having problems is the user nathan.toone on the google apps domain - however we can log in with the user "admin" or the user "build-agent" on the same domain just fine (but not "build.agent" or "user2"). It seems to be all over the place as to which accounts are able to log in without the redirect loop and which ones aren't.

I have contacted google apps for your domain support, and they have said that it is outside their scope. They very "helpfully" pointed me to - which didn't help AT ALL. :(

Again - the odd thing is that there are some of the accounts on the same domain that are able to log in just fine. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening, or have a way for me to contact someone to get this worked out? I have found a couple of other people saying they have had this problem, but have not been able to encounter a solution.


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