React-Native: Check if string contains string


November 2018


6.1k time


My goal is it to create a search ListView with JSON Data. This is working but I have a tiny problem with the search function. When I type in a word, it has to be exactly the same word, which is in the Array of the ListView. The main problem is that I have to type in the correct word. For example: when the word stackoverflow is one item of the Array, I have to type in stackoverflow to find this item. But I want to get the Item also when I type in stack or flow or stacko for example.

This is my code:

      var searchString = event.nativeEvent.text.toLowerCase();
      if (searchString != "")

          var content = this.state.loadedContent;
          var searchResultsArray = [];

          for (var i = 0; i < content.length; i++) {

            var detailArray = content[i];
            const gattung = detailArray.Gattung;
            const zugnummer = detailArray.Zugummer;
            const ab = detailArray.ab;
            const bis = detailArray.bis;
            const wochentag = detailArray.Wochentag;
            const zeitraum = detailArray.Zeitraum;

            if (searchString.contains(ab.toLowerCase())) //searchString.indexOf(ab) >= 0

                this.setState({ dataSource: ds.cloneWithRows(searchResultsArray) });



      else {

        this.setState({ dataSource: ds.cloneWithRows(this.state.loadedContent) });


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Вы можете сделать это с IndexOf, как это:

if (searchString.indexOf(ab.toLowerCase()) > -1)