Prestashop helperList reset filter not working


April 2019


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In prestashop, in a custom module, I have a form with a list created via HelperList

    $helper                 = new HelperList();
    $helper->identifier     = 'id_product';
    $helper->table_id       = 'js-product-list';
    $helper->title          = 'ProductList';
    $helper->table          = $table_name;
    $helper->simple_header  = false;
    $helper->shopLinkType   = '';
    $helper->token          = Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules');
    $helper->imageType      = 'jpg';
    $helper->currentIndex   = AdminController::$currentIndex.'&configure='.$this->name;
    $helper->no_link        = false; 

I use filters which work fine, but the button supposed to reset the filter just behaves the same way as the actual submit buton - submits the filters.

On click, the page reloads and the submitReset*** parameter is being set correctly. From what I found out, the reset should be functional by itself, with no need to program anything else. Other "prestashop native" lists work fine and the only difference I spotted is the fact, that after clicking on the "working" reset button, the "network" console in the browser shows, that the page is being loaded twice - once with the submitReset*** parameter set and second time with filtering parameters unset. The mine one loads only once. Can someone please help me to find the cause?

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