Plotting Time Series data in Python Bokeh


December 2018


510 time


I am plotting Time series data set with Bokeh.

import pandas as pd
from bokeh.charts import TimeSeries, output_notebook, show, output_file
df = pd.read_csv('Land_Ocean_Monthly_Anomaly_Average.csv')
df['datetime'] = pd.to_datetime(df['datetime'])
df = df[['anomaly','datetime']]

BokehJS successfully loaded.

t = TimeSeries(df, x='datetime')

This is the error message displayed

Javascript error adding output!

Error: Plot.set('css_classes'): css_classes wasn't declared

See your browser Javascript console for more details.

A new tab also opens up in my browser with this error message

Bokeh Error Plot.set('css_classes'): css_classes wasn't declared

This is actually sample code from their tutorials. Not sure why it does not work.


I tried reinstalling bokeh and there is a new error message in a pop up tab in the browser

Bokeh Error Module `LegendItem' does not exists. The problem may be two fold. Either a model was requested that's available in an extra bundle, e.g. a widget, or a custom model was requested, but it wasn't registered before first usage.

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