One single git repository for 2 different heroku apps with different PROCFILES, is it possible?


April 2019


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I want to create 2 different heroku apps.Both are using same github repository. Each app is having different processes to run i.e they need 2 different PROCFILES. Can we use same github code for runnning 2 different apps ?

I created 2 different apps on Heroku. In Github code, created 2 different Procfiles also. In environment variables of each heroku app, I explicitly specifed 'PROCFILE' as environment variable with path of PROCFILE for each app. For one app i kept name of PROCFILE as it is and for other I created one different folder 'Backend' and in that folder added PROCFILE.

Example of my folder structure:

    -PROCFILE --> For one app
        -PROCFILE --> For second app

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