Mapping to multiple tables with Fluent nHibernate


November 2018


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Here's my situation..
Suppose you have the following model entities, which represent single tables on their own:

Movies [ Movie_Id, Title, Rating, .. ]
Actors [ Actor_Id, FirstName, LastName, .. ]
Director [ Director_Id, FirstName, LastName, .. ]

And another entity/table called "Recommendations", which represents recommendations between users within a website. The idea is that a recommendation could be of any type, i.e. someone recommending an actor, or someone recommending a movie. Basically, the table should look something like this:

Recommendations [ Recommendation_Id, Object_Id, Object_Type, .. ]

And here's what i'm stuck into. How can I map these relationships in nHibernate with Fluent? I mean.. while mapping, I can't specify the Type (which table related to) 'cause that's determined on runtime, but I can't rely only on the Id 'cause by itself it cannot imply to which table belongs to.
For instance, imagine this record on Recommendations table:


Basically I'm storing a char identifier (in this case "M" stands for table "Movies") to know to which table Object_Id belongs to. I cannot just store Object_Id without Object_Type..

As final comments, I'd like to add that I've seen all the table-per-class, table-per-subclass, table-per-concrete-class examples, but I believe none of these fits in this situation, as Movies_Id, Actors_Id, Directors_Id, ... are all different between them, so is Recommendations_Id. I mean, there's no base class-child class inheritance here, they don't share Id's at all..

I hope I make myself clear. Thanks in advance.

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Отображение NHibernate вы ищете <any/>. Вот несколько ресурсов , которые помогут вам получить до скорости с помощью этой функции отображения NHibernate:

Я считаю, что * .hbm.xml, что вы снимаете для что-то вроде этого:

<class name="Recommendation" table="Recommendations">
  <id name="Id">
    <column name="Recommendation_Id" />
    <generator class="native"/>

  <any name="RecommendedObject" id-type="System.Int32" meta-type="System.String">
    <meta-value value="M" class="Movie"/>
    <meta-value value="A" class="Actor"/>
    <meta-value value="D" class="Director"/>
    <column name="Object_Type"/>
    <column name="Object_Id"/>

  <!-- other stuff ... -->

Вы должны быть в состоянии выполнить это с Fluent NHibernate как и в отображении Рекомендации по:

ReferencesAny(x => x.RecommendedObject)