Kafka-Connect-MongoDB Sink Connector Update Issue on MongoDB


April 2019


132 time


I am using JDBC source and kafka-connect-mongodb sink connector to stream data from JDBC to MongoDB.

So far, I am able to get all inserts and updates as a new document (Yes, updates are inserted as new documents) on MongoDB side with following configs;

repo: https://github.com/hpgrahsl/kafka-connect-mongodb



What I would like to achieve now is to update a document in case a row is updated on Oracle side.

With below configurations, I am able to get only the last insert or update done in Oracle side into MongoDB collection as a single document. I mean what I found in MongoDB is a collection with one document which is the last operation.

"mongodb.key.projection.list": "name,surname",

Appriciate any help in advance. Many thanks, Soner

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