JDBC treat warnings as error on data truncation


April 2019


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I have a MySQL table with three fields:

fname   varchar(20) 
ftype   varchar(10) 
value   varchar(30) 

as you can see "value" is a varchar, but I use it to store differente kind of value (entered by users), so I can do:

UPDATE table SET value = 1 + value WHERE ftype='COUNTER';

it works as intended, doing an implicit conversion and then update and store, so:

 fname  ftype   value   
 f1     COUNTER     100
 f2     COUNTER     100 dǵ#$vferv  <-- this value contains an input error


 fname  ftype   value
 f1     COUNTER     101
 f2     COUNTER     101

I'm perfectly fine with it. The point is that if I execute the query directly, it works (and eventually MySQL return some warnings if I run show warnings), but if I run in inside a Java EE app (running under glassfish) those warnings are treated like errors so I'll get an exception (ie: com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: '100 dǵ#$vferv').

Is there any option in the JDBC driver to tell it not throw exception in this case?

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