Is there a way to change http request method in netflix zuul routing filter?


April 2019


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I'm trying to trasform http GET method call from legacy api server built with MVC1 pattern to new restful api server without any change of front-end source code using netflix zuul and eureka.

I added zuul pre filter transforming legacy url to restful convention url working after PreDecorationFilter and it works fine.

But now I'm facing problem converting the GET method to proper method like POST, PUT, DELETE by distinguising url so that the requests are properly mapped in spring controller via @GetMapping/@PostMapping/@PutMapping/@DeleteMapping.

I looked into SimpleRoutingFilter that handles HttpClient but Because of environmental constraint, I have to use eureka service id to route to the new api server and that means I should use RibbonRoutingFilter which is quite complicated to find out a right place to this operation in.

So, is this possible to change http method or make new http request before RibbonRoutingFilter? If possible can you please suggest where is the right place to do that or some reference?

Many thanks!

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