How to rebase branch in IBM Clear Case


April 2019


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My colleague created a feature branch about a year ago and checked in some modification on it. Now I need to continue with it but During the time files was changed on the main branch too. Now I need to rebase feature branch to main latest and merge changes from main to my feature branch. How can I do that?

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cleartool rebase is a term from UCM ClearCase, and applies to a baseline (a label on all elements of an UCM component -- or set of files).

If you are not using UCM, the equivalent would be to put a label on the LATEST of the elements in your branch.

In both cases (UCM or non-UCM), the end-result of that rebase would be to merge the main branch into the feature branch.

In non-UCM, this is a simple cleartool merge (you don't need the initial LABEL: it is just to memorize the state of the feature branch before the merge)

Warning: that "rebase" is not like a rebase in a distributed VCS like Git, where commits (versioned set of files) are replayed. Here, ClearCase is file-centric, which means it will only do merges.