How to insert into a table based on an Eloquent relationship an array of foreign keys


April 2019


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I have two models TeamMember and ProjectRequest. A TeamMember can have one ProjectRequest, that is why I created the following Eloquent relationship on TeamMember:

class TeamMember extends Model {
 protected $table = 'team_members';
 protected $fillable = ['project_request_id'];

 // Relations
 public function projectTeam() {
 return $this->hasOne('\App\Models\ProjectRequest', 'project_request_id');

In my Controller I want to query both tables, however it returns the failure message. What is important to know is that $request->projectTeam is an array of emails, looking like this:

array:2 [
       0 => "[email protected]"
       1 => "[email protected]"

Meaning that I need to bulk insert into team_members table the project_request_ id for each team member where the emails are in the array. How can I do that in the right way? The following is my attempt:

 public function createProjectTeam(Request $request){
    try {
        $title = $request->projectTitle;
        $TeamMember = $request->projectTeam;
        $projectRequest = ProjectRequest::create(['project_title' => $title]);
        $projectRequestId = $projectRequest->id;
        $projectTeam = $this->teamMembers->projectTeam()->create(['project_request_id'=> $projectRequestId])->where('email', $TeamMember);
        //$projectTeam = TeamMember::createMany(['project_request_id' => $projectRequestId])->where($TeamMember);
        return $projectRequest.$projectTeam;

    } catch(\Exception $e){
        return ['success' => false, 'message' => 'project team creation failed'];


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