How to handle big textual data to create WordCloud?


April 2019


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I have a huge textual data that I need to create its word cloud. I am using a Python library named word_cloud in order to create the word cloud which is quite configurable. The problem is that my textual data is really huge, so a high-end computer is not able to complete the task even for long hours.

The data is firstly stored in MongoDB. Due to Cursor issues while reading the data into a Python list, I have exported the whole data to a plain text file - simply a txt file which is 304 MB.

So the question that I am looking for the answer is how can I handle this huge textual data? The word_cloud library needs a String parameter that contains the whole data separated with ' ' in order to create the Word Cloud.

p.s. Python version: 3.7.1

p.s. word_cloud is an open source Word Cloud generator for Python which is available on GitHub:

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