How to get hyperlink in a formula using EPPlus


April 2019


12 time


I need to get the exact link inside the formula(HYPERLINK) and save it to the database. here is my code to get the link,

  answerList.Add(new SurveyCompetitorAnswer
        MainSurveyId = id,
        Answer = workSheet.Cells[AnswerRowRange].Text,
        DateCreated = DateTime.Now,
        Link = workSheet.Cells[AnswerRowRange].Formula,
        SurveyQuestionId = item.Id,
        SurveyCompetitorId = comp.Id

but it get the whole FORMULA text. example (HYPERLINK("","0.5"))


what I need is just

I tried using Link = workSheet.Cells[AnswerRowRange].Hyperlink, but its purpose is only to SET links and not GET links.