How to fix AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'to_numpy'


February 2019


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My output:

def load_data(self):
    Load data from list of paths
    :return: 3D-array X and 2D-array y
    X = None
    y = None
    df = pd.read_excel('data/Data.xlsx', header=None)
    for i in range(len(df.columns)):
        sentences_ = df[i].to_numpy().tolist()
        label_vec = [0.0 for _ in range(0, self.n_class)]
        label_vec[i] = 1.0
        labels_ = [label_vec for _ in range(0, len(sentences_))]
        if X is None:
            X = sentences_
            y = labels_
            X += sentences_
            y += labels_
    X, max_length = self.tokenize_sentences(X)
    X = self.word_embed_sentences(X, max_length=self.max_length)
    return np.array(X), np.array(y)

This is my code with pandas library as pd. When I run in Google Colab I get an AttributeError: 'Series' object has no attribute 'to_numpy'.

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Check the version of your pandas library:

import pandas

If your version is less than 0.24.1:

pip install --upgrade pandas