How skip SVN commit of branch from trunk


November 2018


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I usually commit a patch on svn branch then merge it with trunk for synchronization. But now I have mistakenly commit a patch on trunk.

Now I want to commit same patch on svn branch and then skip this patch information from trunk for synchronization.

I am doing following step:

(1) applied a patch on svn branch and commit it usual way like.

svn commit -m "this will resolve some C++.... " branch/*

(2) read which revision is need to merge from branch to trunk i.e. goto trunk local directory and execute following commands:

svn mergeinfo branch-repo-path --show-revs eligible

  ^.................. above command give this revision that need to be merge.

(3) tell to trunk that r455818 has already merged it and skip it by using following commands (you sit in trunk directory):

svn merge -c 455818 --record-only branch-repo-path

but executing above command does not show any differences

svn diff * 


svn st *

not show any change.

so where I am making mistake?


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Это, возможно, не ответ на ваш вопрос, но что, если вы просто отменить вашу фиксацию на туловище, а затем делать все, как обычно?

svn merge -r COMMITTED:PREV .
svn commit -m "Undoing last commit"