How often does the Google Play store Apple store OS check for application updates?


March 2019


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My supervisors asked me some very good questions today that I am unable to answer. I reached out to Apple Developer support for answers and hit a wall. These are the questions I would like answers for?

  1. How does the OS pull a new version of the application?
  2. What is the default amount of time the OS checks for updates?
  3. How does the OS Ecosystem work?
  4. Do all phones update at the same time?
  5. How to does the app store handle the minimum version control?

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I have more questions than answers for you, but hopefully this helps.

  1. How? As in "from where?", or specifically how the networking works? In the first case, the Google and Apple servers; for Android and iOS devices respectively. In the second case it would only be speculation.

  2. Apple's documentation states "when they're available", what that means in practice is also speculative.

  3. That's an immensely broad question. Care to clarify?

  4. No. This depends on the state of the device, if it is turned off or doesn't have an internet connection, it obviously won't update. I would also speculate that both platforms may suspend an automatic app update based on the state of the battery, time of day, or if the device is plugged in or not.

  5. Handle minimum version control? As in the minimum version of your app? They don't. If someone doesn't have automatic updates turned on, and decides not to update from version 1.0 of your app, nothing will force them to. But the app downloaded from either app marketplace will always be the most recently published version that is compatible with their device.