How do I restore usual workflow after a breakpoint in Eclipse?


April 2019


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I have a breakpoint for debugging. But let's say, I don't need it on the first occurence, but I want Eclipse to pause the next time the breakpoint is reached. How do I do this?

How do I skip it?

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When control reaches to that breakpoint, press F8. This would make eclipse skip (debugging), continuing the flow and stop at the next breakpoint.

Here's eclipse cheat sheet, listing all the short cuts.


Basically when you debug the code there are 3 options. You can have multiple breakpoints and at the time of debugging you can decide whether you want to Step-Into(f5), Step-Over(F6) and Step-Return(F7).

For reaching to next available breakpoint, if you press F8, it will directly take you to next breakpoint.


Right-Click on the breakpoint. Then click on breakpoint properties..

A window will appear where you set "Hit count" to "2"