how can my ant exec task wait to end called bat file


April 2019


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I have task in which an exec task call an install.bat file ant exit after calling this . i want to make ant to wait for next task till called bat file executed to end. in below code ant call install.bat and then call start.bat i want to make wait to call start.bat until install.bat get completes.


<target name="execute" >
   <echo message="executing install.bat file"></echo>
   <exec dir="${adss.file.dest}\setup" executable="cmd">
      <arg value="/c"/>
      <arg value="call"/>
      <arg value="install.bat"/>
   <exec dir="${adss.file.dest}\tomcat\bin" executable="cmd">
      <arg value="/c"/>
      <arg value="call"/>
      <arg value="start.bat"/>

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