Hive View Not Opening


April 2019


1.1k time


In the Ambari UI of the hortonworks sandbox, I was trying to open Hive View through the account of maria_dev. But however, I was getting the following error:

Service Hive check failed: 
Cannot open a hive connection with connect string 

Can someone please help me sort out the error?

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I was able to rectify the issue, although I was unable to understand why such a problem cropped up. I was using the hadoop ecosystem in a docker. I just stopped, removed and re-started the sandbox-hdp. After re-starting hive view was working just fine. But however, I am still getting the following error :

unable to load database password

If someone could clarify, it would be really great. :) :)


Hive reads some configurations from zookeeper and I was able to resolve the issue simply by restarting the Zoo keeper.