Gradle not syncing after update


April 2019


59 time


I was working on a project in android studio. Unfortunately, my harddisk started giving errors, so I backed up my project. Then, I bought a new harddisk and installed android studio(ver 3.0.1). I don't clearly remember the previous version of android studio that I used but I guess it was 2.6. Here comes my problem. When I started to sync the gradle,it gave me these errors.

Error:Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':app:debugRuntimeClasspath'.
Could not determine artifacts for
Could not get resource 
Could not HEAD ''.
Connect to [] failed: 
Connection timed out: connect
Connection timed out: connect

Then I opened another one of my projects I got this error:

Error:Connection timed out: connect

I searched a lot and many are suggesting solutions related to setting a proxy and some are saying that the download repository is corrupted. I re-downloaded the repository but no luck. I used an external proxy software but still no luck. What could be the problem?

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