Executing Python Script in Django View [Upload CSV -> Batch Geocoding -> Show Link to Download by script generated CSV]


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I found the following very useful script while Googleing: https://github.com/shanealynn/python_batch_geocode/blob/master/python_batch_geocoding.py

This script is just what I need and it works flawlessly when I run it locally on my computer. I have a small Django site, where I would like to use this script (non commercially). I do not need a full code example (even though if someone has example code, just post it, I will get trough it) but rather the steps to take to make use of such a script. I googled a lot concerning this the last days and got a lot of different answers and differenct scenarios. Non of them really wholly apply to this scenario though:

  1. Upload CSV
  2. Run Script
  3. Create Link/Make Download possible of newly created CSV

Is anyone out there who might be able to help me out?

Thanks in advance and best regards


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