Display alert message using Form Script in Netsuite OpenAir in Project record


April 2019


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I have written a "Form script" for Project record in Netsuite-OpenAir. I would like to display an alert message on clicking on the "Save" button in Project record. The code that I have currently written in the form script is:

NSOA.meta.alert('Form Alert Message');

But it seems that this alert message is only displayed in the Form script log and not on the Project record (when clicked on Save). I also tried the traditional Javascript "alert('Form Alert');" message. But this to did not work. Hence how do I display an alert message in the Form script and prevent the user from saving the form?

Also a form script in OpenAir executes on 3 events namely: On Submit, Before Save and After Save. So how do I execute an onChange function when a field value is changed? Rather than executing a function on submit of the form?

Thanks in advance.

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