Cucumber features are not being recognized by Eclipse


April 2019


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I have installed Natural 0.7.6 version plugin from Eclipse Market and the installation was successful. I tried Cucumber feature and Eclipse is not recognising the same.

After installing Natural 0.7.6, I created a "Features" package and added a file called "login.feature" The keywords like Scenario, When, Given aren't getting highlighted.

Feature: Macys Login Feature

Scenario: Macys Login Test Scenario

Given User is already on Login Page
When title of login page is Macys
Then user enters Username

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It may be because of the plug-in you installed not compatible with version of eclipse. You should check supported version on plugin page. I am using qaf bdd editor for eclipse and it works fine for me. It supports Kepler (4.3) or above up to latest and works well for feature file written in gherkin with cucumber step implementation.


From the Cucumber docs on using Eclipse:

"Eclipse has the Cucumber Eclipse plugin"

Have you installed this plugin? (I don't use Eclipse so I'm not familiar with the plugin you've mentioned).