cocos2d sprite repeat animation forever


March 2019


2.8k time


In my iOS game, I hope the hero keep running until screen is touched and the hero should jump. So I write:
In .h file:

@interface Hero : CCSprite {
    CCSprite *_hero;
    id _keepRunning;
@property(nonatomic,retain) id keepRunning;

In .m file:

@synthesize keepRunning = _keepRunning;
-(id) init {
    _keepRunning = [CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:[CCAnimate actionWithSpriteSequence:@"heroRun%04d.png"

Then when the game starts, I call run () method:

-(void) run {
    [_hero stopAllActions];
    [_hero runAction:_keepRunning];
    _heroState = RUNNING;

Then I found CCAnimate actionWithSpriteSequence: numFrames: delay: restoreOriginalFrame: is deprecated in cocos2d v2.0. So my question is, in cocos2d v2.0, how can I implement this animation? Namely, keep my hero running? Thank you!
I have tried this:

-(CCAnimation*) getMyAnimationWithFramesName:(NSString*)nameFormat numFrames:(int)numFrames delay:(float)delay {
    NSMutableArray *frames = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];
    for (int i = 1; i <= numFrames; i++) {
        NSString *frameName = [NSString stringWithFormat:nameFormat,i];
        [frames addObject:[[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName:frameName]];
    CCAnimation *ani = [CCAnimation animationWithSpriteFrames:frames delay:delay];
    return ani;

Then in init ():

_keepRunning = [self getMyAnimationWithFramesName:@"heroRun%04d.png" numFrames:30 delay:0.02f];

and in run ():

[_hero runAction:[CCAnimate actionWithAnimation:_keepRunning]];

But it still doesn't work. What should I do?

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First of all you download Texture from '' and make p-List and use it below code

[[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] addSpriteFramesWithFile:@"AnimatedMan.plist"];

CCSpriteBatchNode *spriteSheet = [CCSpriteBatchNode batchNodeWithFile:@"AnimatedMan.png"];

[self addChild:spriteSheet];

Gather the list of frames(sprite)

NSMutableArray *walkAnimFrames = [NSMutableArray array];
for (int i=1; i<=6; i++) {
    [walkAnimFrames addObject:
     [[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName:
      [NSString stringWithFormat:@"step0%d.png",i]]];

give the Action to the Sprite

CCAnimation *walkAnim = [CCAnimation animationWithSpriteFrames:walkAnimFrames delay:0.1f];

        manSprite=[CCSprite spriteWithSpriteFrameName:@"step01.png"];
        manSprite.position=ccp(winsize.width/2, winsize.height/2-40);

Sprite RepeaetForever for manSprite

id first=[CCSequence actions:[CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:
                                      [CCAnimate actionWithAnimation:walkAnim]],nil];

[manSprite runAction:first];