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April 2019


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I am following the below link for logging ecommerce event in I am using the same request as mentioned in the link.

but the details are not getting captured in dashboard.

I am getting "branch_view_enabled": false as a response.

Please help me out if there is any issue in settings ? or explicitly I will have to do something for seeing the events in the dashboard.

A response will be highly appreciated!

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This is Jackie from Branch. We are not yet supporting v2/events for commerce yet which is why you weren't able to track it on the dashboard.

Moving forward, please use v1 event request following our official documentation here. I've also included a sample commerce request for your information. In the meantime, we will update the commerce information on our github page so as not to cause any confusion.

curl -X POST \ -d '{ "branch_key": "your_Branch_key", "identity": "222", "event": "purchase", "metadata": { "hello": "world", "custom_data": "this" }, "commerce_data": { "revenue": 50.0, "currency": "USD", "transaction_id": "foo-transaction-id", "shipping": 0.0, "tax": 5.0, "affiliation": "foo-affiliation", "products": [ { "sku": "foo-sku-1", "name": "foo-item-1", "price": 45.00, "quantity": 1, "brand": "foo-brand", "category": "Electronics", "variant": "foo-variant-1" }, { "sku": "foo-sku-2", "price": 2.50, "quantity": 2 } ] } }'

Hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions or issues at [email protected]




I tried it like this new BranchEvent("Event Name") .addCustomDataProperty("Key", "Value") .logEvent(this);

And it shows the event name on the branch dashboard under summary. And my log shows that internally it was targeting the v2. I am sending it through android