Adding a Radio button from one PHP form to another PHP form


April 2019


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Basically, I have two form, a UserForm and AdminForm. On the AdminForm, I want to have a text field in which the admin can type in a new charity and then that new charity will be added to the UserForm charity_list as a new value, though I am not sure how to that and it is the last part of my code.

This is where i want to add the the radio button on the userForm:

      <font size ="5" >Pick Your Charity</font>
  <input type ="radio" id="1" value="1" name="charity_list">Street2Feet
  <input type ="radio" id="2" value="2" name="charity_list">The Good Project

here is where i was trying to do it on admin form:

     <form method="post" action = "UserForm.php" >

     <input type="submit" name="Insert" value="Add New Charity">

Can someone please help? if there is too much information, let me know

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Basically, what you're trying to do is the Admin Form act as simple CMS where the admin can add the Charity List and display it in the User Form.

Here what you should you do.

1) Save the value of charity added by admin in the database

2)Pull the list from database and display it in the User form (dynamically)